Nausea in Pregnancy

About 80% of pregnant women experiences some sort of nausea throughout the pregnancy. For most it resoves easily, but for those who are severely tormented by this, acupuncture often provides relief.

To regain balance

In traditional chinese medicine we look at the body as a whole, composed by organs, energy, fluids and meridians. It is of the utmost importance that energy (Qi) flows freely throughout the body for its functions to be optimal, and for us to be healthy both physically and emotionally. If there are any imbalances in our energy, we can easily become ill or feel unesay. During acupuncture, mostly nedles are used on carefully selected points by your practitioner to regain the body's balance and optimal health.

During pregnancy, the nausea is often caused by an energeic shift in the stomach. Normally it decends, however during pregnancy it can shift and rebell upwards. Therefore you can experience nausia and often vomit as a result.

The acupuncturist will carefully select points, depending on the individuals signs and symptoms as well as pulse and tongue diagnosis. The quantety of needles used depends on practitioner and method, but usually between 2 and 15. Most important is the combination of points, not the quantity of needles. Points used for the treatment of nausea are located on the back and on the stomach over the bellybutton (only used up untill week 12), and on the legs and arms.

Immediate relief

Most patients notice immediat relief, many already during tretment. However the effect can be temporary, so it is therefor adviced to have a course of tretments. Very few need more than 7 to 10 treatments to be rid of the nausea.


Some patients find added benefit of sucking on liquorice or ginger sweets during bursts of nausea.