Acupuncture during Pregnancy

There are a number of pregnancy complaints that can be eased effectively by acupuncture.

Some of these are morning sickness, symphysis pubis dysfunction, turning a breech baby and low energy.

During the post natal period conditions such as mastitis, poor milk production and depression are the most common conditions to treat.

In addition, acupuncture has a proven affect on maturing the cervix before birth as well as offering pain relief during birth.

Acupuncture treatment during pregnancy benefits both mother and child. The baby’s vital organs are developed at specific stages in pregnancy. During gestation the baby can be affected by toxins in the mother, something which in childhood years can lead to a proneness to higher fevers when ill, more frequent illnesses and a tendency to suffer skin problems like rashes and eczema. Regular treatment throughout pregnancy balances the mother’s health to the benefit of the fetus and also helps in preventing complications.

Below is a list of problems that can be relieved during pregnancy


Acid reflux


Urinary tract infections


Poor blood quality

Sleep disturbance

Anxiety and depression

Abnormal vaginal discharge



High blood pressure

Edema - water retention

Turning breach baby

Ripening of the cervix

Recuperating after giving birth

Poor lactation

Trigger point treatment of neck, stiff from breast feeding / carrying