Rikke Louise Wagnes

Practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine BSc(hons) Lic Ac


Before you heal someone,

ask him if he is willing to

give up the things that made him sick



Examples of What can be treated by Chinese Medicine (TCM)

*Below are some examples of the things we see the most of in our clinic. For a more detailed list, included recommendations from WHO, read this.


    •Back/neck pain

    •Stress - insomnia



    •Emotional disturbance




    •Preparation for IVF






    •Urinary tract






    •Ear- and respiratory



    •Sleep disturbances

    •Eczema and other

     skin conditions


Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM)   is about taking control  and remaining in control over your own happiness, realising there is a choice. And understanding that whatever you think, eat and do will affect  your health.

Acupuncture and cupping are only  two of many treatments offered within TCM, and Acupuncture aims to aide in achieving balance and helping the body help itself. It is generally advised to undergo a series of treatments.

Normally after  3-6 treatments the practitioner can have a clearer picture of where the treatment is going. It is not unusual that patients with chronic conditions or a stressfull lifestyle will need to return once a month once the symptoms have eased.

Each person is different, and a practitioner can only advice.   It is a shared responsibility between patient and practitioner. Although some physicians and patients tend to be skeptical about the effectiveness of many TCM practices, research continues to show that complementary modalities can make a big difference in many patients’ quality of life.





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